Monday, 20 January 2014

I cant believe it's (almost) vegan smoothie

I am trying to be healthier this year but I still want to give the kids (and me...) treats and smoothies tick both boxes.  Also making a smoothie is a great way of using up fruit that has started to be a bit old.  A great tip is to pop the fruit into the freezer until you have enough to do something with. 

This smoothie was made with banana's and strawberrie (some fresh, some frozen). I added the left over coconut cream from a curry a made last week and the end of Mango Nice Cream.  It was whizzed up with a bit of hunny and some oat milk to get the right consistancy.

I served it up to the whole family for morning tea and it was good.  The coconut cream really gives it that creamy taste which makes it super yummy and honestly you wouldnt have known it was almost vegan.  

Thanks to Vegan Vixen for pointing out my earlier claim that it was vegan was incorrect as I used honey to sweeten. To make it completely vegan you would need to use another sweetner like agave syrup or even maple syrup would be yummy.

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Barbs x.


  1. It's NOT vegan though... it has honey. Honey is an animal product obtained by exploiting bees.
    Vegans don't use animal products.

    1. Thanks, I have corrected my claim in the title. I am not a vegan but make vegan type desserts as my daughter is allergic to egg and dairy.

  2. A great vegan alternative to honey is agave nectar!

  3. Regardless it looks yummy! :))