Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Hello again

It has been a long time since I wanted to share things here.

Things have been ticking over so nicely over the last few years with Emma that I had reached point where I didn't really have a lot to say.

But that has all changed.  I guess that is the thing with allergies.  You think you know what you are dealing with and wham! something new happens.

Em is 12 now and hitting the turbulent years of puberty.  Puberty is well known in the allergy world as a time when things can change, you can grow out of allergies - YAY.  Not so good it seems for Em is that you can also grow into them.....

Yup another allergy.  Whilst not yet clinically diagnosed (waiting for the appointment at Starship) our GP has agreed with our self diagnosis that something we have been giving her is causing the chronic flare in her eczema.  I was hoping it would be something easy, but unfortunately all the signs are pointing at it being wheat :-(.

So our new journey is slowly taking off.  Today I am starting her on a wheat free diet.

I've found lots of information on feeding littlies on a very restricted diet, but not much info on what to do with an almost teenager eliminating all Nuts, dairy, eggs, shellfish, sesame, kiwifruit, most soy products and now wheat.  What am I gonna feed the girl for school lunches?

So today I sent her off with what looks like a kindergarten snack, not an intermediate lunch, but she was happy.  Her belly full of porridge with blueberries and coconut cream and the promise of a baked potato for afternoon tea.

Blueberry porridge is one of her favourite starts to the day - this is half eaten before I remembered to take a photo.

Corn thins with olivani & marmite, Chicken strips, bluebird potato chips, peaches in mango jelly and fresh strawberries.
I dont think she will be impressed when she gets home starving, but every other option was turned down by her.  She will learn me thinks.

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  1. Oh no what a pain! I did not know that about puberty... I've just assumed that by almost nine, Reuben will never outgrow his milk allergy. I hope he doesn't develop a new one, that's awful! How about getting a thermos type food carrier which she can take porridge or soup or a hot potato in to school?